COL. Frank L. Howley

COL. Frank Howley later BG (Born, Hampton, NJ, Feb. 3, 1903; died, Warrentown, VA, July 30, 1993.) As a standout left end on mediocre N.Y.U. teams (1922-24), Frank Leo Howley earned the nickname “Golden Toe” for his placekicking exploits. Howley became a brigadier general in the U.S. Army during World War II, military governor of Berlin, and vice chancellor of N.Y.U. for nearly two decades (1950-69). He earned his nickname by kicking four field goals from placement in his senior season (1924) on a 3-3-1 team. Howley’s 20-yard kick was the lone Violets score in a 41-3 loss to Rutgers. N.Y.U. was shut out by both Fordham and Columbia. Howley was also a baseball and track athlete. He joined the Army in 1940 as a captain in the 69th Regiment, made the Normandy landing in 1944, and was military governor of Berlin for four years (1945-49), founding the Free University there before returning to N.Y.U.